Our daily encounter with all sorts of file formats for the past 20 years eventually gave us an idea:

How about a program that would read them all as they are without having to convert them first? Does such a program exist? Would people need it?

Well, it didn’t. And it seems that yes, people, particularly professionals, do need it, and so we have developed it.

In 2000, we launched a sister company, Exponent Software, whose only purpose is to develop and distribute a professional multimedia player, which we call MediaGun (for Windows. Mac version in the pipeline).

As years of practice with communication / marketing people have taught us, such a product should be as straightforward and user-friendly as possible. This is summarized in Exponent’s creed ‘technology made friendly’.

MediaGun supports 55 file formats, which it displays full screen in a single window.
Optionally, it installs everything needed to play them, so you are never caught unawares.
MediaGun is not limited to multimedia, as it supports formats crucial in business communication such as PDF and PowerPoint.

Cherry on the cake: a playlist made in MediaGun can be exported and played on any Windows-operated PC even in the absence of MediaGun! Visit the website for a free 15-day trial!

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