We have created the soundtracks of hundreds of corporate films, commercials and multimedia projects. We provide everything needed, from a single sound effect to the sync to picture final mix.

Our services include:
- Casting, coaching and recording professional speakers in every possible language you may require. At request, we can put together samples of voices in the language / style you need and quickly transfer them to you electronically so that you can make your choice comfortably.

- A HUGE library of stock music and sound effects. With more than 3'000 CDs of music and sound effects plus unlimited access to wordwide music publishing companies online, we are ready for practically any challenge, and if we haven't got exactly what's needed in stock, we'll find it for you!

30 years of practice have given us some awareness of the semantics of music. This expertise, combined with the best digital audio editing tools enable us to offer you the quality of service, speed and price efficiency you require. We offer you uncompromising care and attention both on the editorial and technical sides of your project, as well as a scrupulous respect for deadlines and quotes.