In this relatively new domain, competition is fierce. We have tested numerous products, each with their pros and cons. Our preferred brand has proved to be robust, powerful, user-friendly and competitively priced.

We can provide you with a comprehensive solution to administer and display your promotional content, in Full HD quality (up to 4K, depending on the model).

These clever little video players come equipped with a Flash card memory. As there are no longer any moving parts, they are incredibly resilient over long days of intensive use. Thanks to their internet connection, they are able to update their content automatically, without human intervention.

Their (free) software companion enables you to divide the screen into separate zones with differing contents (For ex. Promotional video, HTML 5 animations, still images, HD live television, real time textual information, weather forecast, financial ticker-tape, etc)

  • - Several players can be synchronized for high definition video wall playback
  • - Interactivity by touch screen or 'sensitive objects' is also supported
  • - Presence detection is an added feature, for an efficient use of energy.

Several international airports, shopping malls, global businesses and exhibition venues have adopted this system.

Interested? Apply for a FREE 15-DAY TRIAL, including installation on your premises and training.